It’s all about the dogs. We love ’em. Dogs, dogs and more dogs. Dog cuddles, Dog snogs, dog playtime, dog naps. Just dogs.

Established 2007

What we offer:

    • Walks
    • Crèches / Day Care
    • Holidays
    • Visits
    • Bark and ride to collect and deliver dogs
  • Key holding service

Walks are group walks of up to six dogs. Only dogs that get on with each other will be walked together. We walk for about an hour, longer if there is time and the weather and dogs are up for it.

Day care is arranged around your dogs needs, but most often it’s 9:30am to about 6pm including two walks. Again, only with dogs who get along with each other. Dogs stay with me in my home while not on walks. Cuddles, playtime, snacks all included.

Holidays are set around your needs. It’s like day care, but with meal times and sleeping on the bed if there’s room. If not, they sleep on a dog bed where ever they like. My bedroom, the landing, or the living room.

Sometimes walks are too much for older dog’s while you’r at work. So, for them a visit might be more appropriate. An hour visit with playtime and fuss and a toilet break tailored to your OAP’s needs.

Bark and Ride is a fun way to describe a collection and drop off service for your dog.

With the Key holding Service, if you lose your house keys, I can fetch you the set you have entrusted to me. How quickly that can be depends on whether the dog walk is under way already. If so it will be a bit longer for me to finish the walk, get home, and get your key from the key safe, and then travel time to you.

In short, it’s about offering a loving and fun environment for your dog while you have be away from them.

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